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For Public Agenda To Administer A Second Year Of The "Confidence In U.S. Foreign Policy Index"

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6 East Thirty-ninth Street, New York, NY, 10016-0112, United States
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for research on recent and current societal narratives about teachers  
Public Agenda is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening democracy and expanding opportunity through nonpartisan research, public engagement, and communications. This grant will support research into shifts in narrative about public school teachers by examining media narratives about teachers over a 10-year period, by exploring public opinion about teachers, and by exploring how teachers create and view narratives about themselves.
for conducting a literature analysis and focus group research about public opinion on education  
Public Agenda is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in New York. Founded in 1975, this organization employs research, communications, and engagement strategies to elevate a diversity of voices to forge common ground and improve public dialogue among leaders and communities. There are two goals for this grant. One is to produce insights into what animates and excites teachers, parents, students, and the general public about education and learning. The other is to clarify what competencies, knowledge, and skills employers want to see in their employees. Public Agenda will publish a report and execute a webinar to communicate its findings.

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