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For Philanthropy Advancing Women's Human Rights

This grant to Proteus Fund will support the Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR), an independent women’s rights funder collaborative. This grant will allow PAWHR to improve information sharing among the funders, identify aligned grantmaking opportunities, and improve funder knowledge about the state of the women’s rights sector. Ultimately this grant will enable funders to develop a shared advocacy strategy for women’s human rights.
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15 Research Drive Suite B
Amherst, MA 01002
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for support of More Equitable Democracy, a new project to support alternative electoral systems  
American government’s first-past-the-post, single-member district system has been identified by political scientists and others as a major contributing factor to political polarization. Traditional democracy groups, however, have had limited success with building strong coalitions, particularly with communities of color, to advance impactful reforms such as preferential voting and proportional representation. "More Equitable Democracy" will focus on building support and identifying champions in communities of color and among young people, while providing technical assistance and funding to local and state-based electoral reform efforts. This will play an important role in catalyzing broad-based coalitions that can educate voters on future policy reform campaigns.

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