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For Support Of More Equitable Democracy, A New Project To Support Alternative Electoral Systems

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The predominant electoral system in the United States, first-past-the-post, createstremendous barriers to equitable representation for communities of color. Under thefederal Voting Rights Act, the main remedy in cases related to redistricting is thecreation of the so-called "majority minority" district, which is only possible withracial segregation. The solution is a shift toward proportional representation: thecombination of ranked choice voting and multimember districts. More EquitableDemocracy, a fiscally sponsored project of Proteus Fund, works with people of color-led organizations that advance proportional representation through public education, research, litigation, and policy advocacy at the state and local levels.
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15 Research Drive, Suite B, Amherst, MA, 01002, United States
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for support of More Equitable Democracy  
More Equitable Democracy, a fiscally sponsored project of the Proteus Fund, coordinates with organizations led by people of color that advance proportional representation and other electoral reforms through public education, research, litigation, and policy advocacy at the state and local levels.
for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative  
The Transparency and Accountability Initiative, hosted by Proteus Fund, is a donor collaborative that coordinates research and exchange among transparency and accountability donors. This grant will continue supporting implementation of the 2020-2024 strategy to increase members’ collective impact by facilitating collective action around four streams of work: (a) data use for accountability, (b) taxation and tax governance, (c) strengthening civic space, and (d) learning for improved grantmaking. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)

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