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A new initiative of ProInspire, Equity in the Center’s goal is that all U.S. non-profit organizations and foundations become racially diverse and actively participate in, defining, and advancing equitable opportunities for all. To achieve this goal, Equity in the Center creates, disseminates and curates knowledge to support foundations and nonprofits in shifting mindsets and systems and taking action to combat structural racism in all levels of the social sector. They also host communities of practice and convenings, including their first ever Equity Summit in 2017 in conjunction with the annual Independent Sector conference. They aim to support leaders and organizations in these difficult, yet potentially transformative efforts.
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ProInspire is a nonprofit organization focused on building leadership competencies in the social sector. Its mission is to activate leaders at all levels to accelerate equity through the individual, organizational, and systems lenses. ProInspire designs and delivers knowledge products and programs in support of its three outcomes: supporting individuals, strengthening organizations, and influencing and equipping the sector to accelerate equity and leadership. This grant is for general operating support and supplements an existing grant as part of the Knowledge for Better Philanthropy strategy.

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