Population Reference Bureau

For Research And Dissemination Of The Economic Impacts Of Population And Reproductive Health

With this grant, the Population Reference Bureau would work to increase the salience and impact of research funded under the Population and Poverty Research Initiative (PopPov) among policy audiences, including policymakers from developing countries, the media, and advocacy organizations. Since 2005, the Foundation and other funders have supported more than 100 research projects on the links between reproductive health, population dynamics, and economic development. The Bureau intends to enhance the researchers’ capacity to develop and communicate policy messages, create and disseminate research syntheses, and organize consultations at key venues to ensure findings from the Population and Poverty Research Initiative’s research can inform development policies.
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The Population Reference Bureau (PRB) identifies, synthesizes, and disseminates rigorously vetted demographic, health, and environmental data. It also serves as a bridge between data producers and evidence users including policy influencers, public- and private-sector decision makers, and advocacy organizations. PRB’s extensive expertise in demography, public policy, communications, and health affords the organization a unique role in the global development field, which it leverages through a wide range of strategic partnerships across multiple sectors. PRB’s programmatic priorities include expanding its reach to new audiences and increasing its influence through key regional partnerships in Africa. (Strategy: International Reproductive Health)

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