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For Support Of The Reproductive Health And Poverty, Gender, And Youth Programs

This grant would support the Population Council’s Reproductive Health and Poverty, Gender, and Youth programs to conduct research on ways to increase the use of family planning and reproductive health services in sub-Saharan Africa. During the grant period, the Council plans to focus on understanding the reasons for stalls in fertility decline in some settings, analyzing the demographic impact of investing in adolescent reproductive health, and expanding access to comprehensive family planning services in Francophone West Africa. The Council would also support global advocacy on these issues, including the promotion of safe and comprehensive abortion care.
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for support to expand access to quality sexual and reproductive health services in West Africa  
This grant will support the Population Council’s program of research, advocacy, and action focusing on Francophone West Africa. Specific activities include assisting the countries and the Ouagadougou Partnership Coordinating Unit in monitoring the implementation of their Costed Implementation Plans by producing tailored regional and/or country-specific evidence from secondary analyses of existing data.
for support of the Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program  
This grant will support the Population Council’s Poverty, Gender, and Youth Program to conduct policy-oriented research that can help improve the lives of vulnerable populations, especially disadvantaged girls. Research will examine relationships among education, vocational training, labor force participation, and reproductive outcomes.

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