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For Promoting Innovation In The Nuclear Security Field

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A supplemental project grant to Ploughshares Fund for the Nuclear Innovation Collaborative will give the new venture added resources for its initial investments. The Hewlett Foundation was an original member of the consortium of donors that conceived and created the Nuclear Innovation Collaborative—based on a shared assessment that significant revitalization of the nuclear security field is needed to achieve progress on these issues. With the project now going into operation, the grantee can use this grant to start functioning as a source of nuclear security venture capital, bringing new ideas and new actors into the nuclear security field.
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1808 Wedemeyer Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA, 94129-5270, United States
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for general operating support  
Hewlett has long recognized the Ploughshares Fund as a strategic partner in advancing nuclear security, particularly when it comes to working with opinion leaders in Washington. This renewal would allow Ploughshares to continue work toward its ultimate goal of achieving a safe, secure, nuclear weapon-free world. In the coming years, Ploughshares will focus on (1) using public and policymaker education to ensure that the administration and Congress understand the potential benefits of reduced spending on nuclear weapons and (2) generating and promoting ideas for diplomatic means to keep Iran from becoming a nuclear-armed country.
for general operating support  
Ploughshares Fund’s purpose is to help achieve a safe, secure, world free from the threat of nuclear weapons. A renewal of general operating support will enable Ploughshares Fund to continue successful efforts to reduce the U.S. nuclear weapons budget and prevent the spread of nuclear weapons by promoting a diplomatic solution to the impasse with Iran; pursue deeper civil society involvement with nuclear issues in South Asia; and add new staff for a major drive to gain funding from new donors for the organization and the broader field.

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