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For Support Of The California Cultural Data Project

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Launched in early 2008, the California Cultural Data Project (CACDP) is a ground-breaking statewide collaborative of more than forty arts funders, providing the first opportunity to collect and disseminate longitudinal, organizational, and financial information about the nonprofit arts and culture sector in California. CACDP, operated by the Pew Charitable Trusts, works to strengthen the sector by supporting fact-based decision-making through more effective financial management, analysis and reporting by nonprofit arts and culture organizations, and the provision of standardized data for grantmaking and research efforts. The Cultural Data Project is now operating in eight states, well on its way to becoming the national standard for data collection on the arts and culture sector. A renewed grant to Pew would support the ongoing operations of CACDP, including the provision of technical assistance, trainings and help desk support for its 2,800 participating arts and culture organizations (with a goal of 4,000 participants by 2012), technology upgrades, and promotion of research for advocacy and policy making.
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for exploration of collaborative grantmaking on elections  
The Pew Charitable Trusts is working with a small group of funding partners to strengthen the bedrock of American democracy: our elections. There are promising opportunities to scale proven solutions and pursue nonpartisan reform, but the scale is beyond what any single actor can tackle. Therefore, The Pew Charitable Trusts is assessing the viability of a multidonor philanthropic project to improve access to, the integrity of, and belief in the U.S. electoral system. This exploration aims to understand the opportunities for impact, the competitive landscape, potential interventions to support, and the nature and size of any opportunity.
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The Pew Charitable Trusts’ U.S. Public Lands and Rivers Conservation project works with communities West-wide to conserve biodiversity by identifying and protecting wildlife corridors, protecting and restoring free-flowing rivers, and expanding core habitat protections. (Substrategy: Advance Conservation Protections)
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America’s antiquated election system has been the object of significant attention since the controversial 2000 presidential campaign. In 2007, Pew Trusts launched its Election Initiatives to identify actionable policies, practices, and technologies that would optimize the accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and security of U.S. elections. A grant to Pew would support four primary areas of work: improving current state registration systems (in partnership with IBM); enhancing the Elections Performance Index assessing states’ election administration performance (in partnership with MIT); providing accessible voting information to voters (in partnership with Google); and assisting efforts to improve the voter experience.

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