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For Support Of Pew's Election Administration Reform Efforts

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for support of Pew's election administration reform efforts  
America’s antiquated election system has been the object of significant attention since the controversial 2000 presidential campaign. In 2009 The Pew Charitable Trusts launched its Election Initiatives to identify actionable policies, practices, and technologies that optimize the accuracy, convenience, efficiency, and security of U.S. elections. A grant to Pew, the Foundation’s second, would support four primary areas of work: working with states to improve voter registration systems; enhancing the Elections Performance Index that assesses states’ election administration performance (in partnership with MIT); providing accessible and official voting information to voters (in partnership with Google); and assisting efforts to improve the voter experience.
for support to study state and local media presence in D.C., and ensuing U.S. congressional coverage  
The Pew Research Center conducts some of the nation’s most respected nonpartisan research on journalism in America. In 2009, the Center’s Journalism Project released a report documenting recent changes in the Washington press corps. New digital technologies and a collapsing business model for print and broadcast news had transformed the numbers and types of journalists who were covering Washington, D.C. Large mainstream news institutions had begun to recede, as niche and specialty organizations filled the ranks. This grant would support a two-part continuation of that initial study: the first would update and add to the study by exploring the current make-up of state and local media in D.C., documenting how it has changed; the second component would analyze qualitative aspects of the news coverage about U.S. congressional activity. Results of this expanded study would provide a rich foundation for academics, journalists, and others studying these topics.
for support of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign  
This special initiative renewal grant would support the Pew Trusts’ work with the International Boreal Conservation Campaign to secure permanent protection for half of Canada’s 1.2 billion-acre boreal forest. The boreal is the largest intact forest in the world. The Hewlett Foundation has supported the Trusts’ boreal protection since 2005. During that time, 222 million acres have been set aside for permanent protection, and another 198 million will be managed for sustainable use. In 2015, the Campaign expects to secure protection for 15 million additional acres through provincial plans, and another 100 million acres designated for sustainable development.

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