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Performing Arts Workshop delivers arts education programs to schools in San Francisco. . The Workshop's methodology teaches K-12 students through its residency programs, reaching 10,000 young people in public schools, after-school programs, and community centers. Performing Arts Workshop is a leader in arts education advocacy and the broader education reform movement; its advocacy program uses research to influence policymakers and build grassroots coalitions to support the arts in schools and communities. Hewlett has supported the organization since 1978 with nearly $1.5 million in grants, including a 2013 GOS grant ($240/3) and a 2014 Deeper OE grant ($150/2). A third grant is being recommended for executive transition support, as Executive Director Jessica Mele resigned in July to become Program Officer at Hewlett. This grant will ensure a smooth transition and organizational stability.
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768 Delano Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 94112, United States
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Performing Arts Workshop uses arts education to develop the critical thinking, creative expression, and learning skills of youth between the ages of three and 18. The organization works in schools, transitional housing facilities, community spaces, juvenile detention facilities, and at its own facility in San Francisco. Each year, Performing Arts Workshop serves over 1,900 students with instruction and presentation opportunities in music, dance, creative writing, theater, spoken word, visual arts, and media arts. Support for Performing Arts Workshop aligns with the Performing Arts Program’s Youth strategy and Program Delivery substrategy.

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