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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is in the midst of a critical Clean Air Act rule-making cycle that will substantially reduce global warming and other pollutants. Requirements for more fuel-efficient cars and less mercury from power plant smokestacks were adopted in 2011. The first-ever rule to limit global warming emissions from power plants is scheduled to be adopted in 2012. Because the rules are driving the shift away from coal and toward a clean energy economy in the United States, it’s critical that health, environmental, and other advocates rally to defend these rules from the intense attack they are under from the industries affected by the rules. This proposed grant would fund a coalition of national and state groups to conduct strategic and coordinated communications and organize activities to defend the existing rules and create a policy environment in which the EPA is able to continue promulgating new rules. The coalition aims to collect a record-breaking two million comments in support of the new global warming rule for power plants.
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PO Box 65826, Washington, DC, 20035, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for the Green Leadership Trust  
The Partnership Project’s Green Leadership Trust works to build a more effective environmental movement by supporting and growing the impact and leadership of Black, Indigenous, and people of color serving on U.S. environmental nonprofit boards. Given the impact of boards on the direction of their organizations’ hiring and retention practices, programming, and partnerships, the Western Conservation grantmaking strategy acknowledges that such efforts are a key part of the work to ensure the environmental movement is inclusive and relevant. Green Leadership Trust is guided first and foremost by members’ responsibilities as fiduciaries of the organizations they represent. (Substrategy: Build the Conditions for Enduring Conservation)
for the Climate Action Campaign  
The Partnership Project hosts the Climate Action Campaign, a coalition of national environmental organizations and allies. The coalition executes sophisticated federal campaigns to accomplish two goals: reduce emissions by putting clean energy on the grid and electrifying the nation in equitable ways; and create the conditions necessary for federal decision makers to embrace ambitious climate action, now and in the future. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for the Equitable and Just National Climate Forum  
The Partnership Project is the fiscal sponsor for the Equitable and Just National Climate Forum, which brings national environmental and environmental justice groups from across the country together to build trust; bridge historic divides; align around policy principles and commitments to work together; and advocate for bold and equitable climate policies that build an inclusive, just, and pollution-free economy. The forum’s priorities include: supporting educational efforts and on-the-ground partnership building in the hope of advancing equitable climate solutions; ensuring that the Biden Administration implements its Justice40 commitments; addressing legacy pollution and prioritizing pollution reductions in frontline environmental justice communities; and creating space for relationship building and healthy and transparent dialogue. The forum also provides capacity-building grants to participating groups. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)

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