Partnership for Public Service

For Support Of Nonpartisan Research And Education On Legislative Branch Rules And Processes

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    27 Months
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The mission of the Partnership for Public Service is to revitalize the federal government by inspiring a new generation to serve and by transforming the way government works. This grant will enable the Partnership to do nonpartisan research and education to highlight how Congressional dysfunction affects the executive branch. It can work back from these negative ramifications to illuminate the changes in how Congress operates that would have the most positive benefit on public administration. The Partnership has a unique perspective and track record on these issues and is widely respected in Congress, so this offers a powerful way of identifying downstream (executive branch) requirements for upstream (legislative branch) reforms.
About the Grantee
1100 New York Avenue NW, Suite 200 East
Washington, DC 20005
Grants to this Grantee
for a plan exploring charitable activities to advocate for and support a well-functioning Congress  
The Partnership for Public Service will develop a plan for building and launching a new entity, organization, or network to advocate for and help build capacity in Congress and, over time, increase public support for Congress. The plan will include a vision statement, organizational model, three-year plan, and stakeholder engagement framework.
for general operating support  
The Partnership for Public Service works to revitalize our federal government by transforming the way government works and inspiring a new generation to serve. With this grant, the Partnership will focus on equipping career and political leaders in federal agencies to improve government from the inside by increasing the engagement and commitment of public servants; modernizing government management systems and using data to prioritize and address the most pressing federal management issues. It will also educate and engage Congress in its stewardship and oversight of our government and encourage the executive and legislative branches to work more collaboratively toward constructive problem-solving across the federal enterprise.

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