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For Developing A Research Consortium Of Centers In Five Developing Countries And The U.K. To Produce Policy-relevant Research On Institutional Reforms Needed To Promote Government Accountability And Pro-poor Growth In South Asia And Sub-Saharan Africa

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Oxford, 0X2 6JF United Kingdom
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for Institute for New Economic Thinking to create and disseminate compelling research-based content  
The Institute for New Economic Thinking at the Oxford Martin School (INET Oxford) was founded in 2012 to develop alternatives to neoliberal economic thinking and apply new ideas and methods to major societal challenges, including economic inequality, climate change, technological innovation, and the role of the financial system. The institute’s 98 scholars, drawn from a variety of disciplines, have produced a substantial body of academic output, but needs to do more to "translate" that output to have an impact on policy and societal debates. The institute is requesting a grant to hire a communications officer to work with its scholars to create and disseminate compelling research-based content. The successful candidate will have strong skills in journalism and social media, a strong network in key communications channels, and will work closely with counterparts across the "Beyond Neoliberalism" community.

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