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For Research On The Impact Of Deindustrialization On Communities Of Color

The Niskanen Center’s Poverty and Welfare program conducts research and advocacy on public policies that enhance the economic security of low-income households and marginalized groups. The Center does this by communicating the case for progressive reforms to nontraditional audiences on the center-right through research and framing techniques that appeal to pro-family and pro-worker values. This project will enable the Center to deepen its research and communications on the impact of deindustrialization on communities of color. Explicating the underappreciated role of U.S. manufacturing decline on the economic mobility of Black workers will help bolster cross-partisan interest in pro-worker industrial policies over the next 12 months, while providing "populist conservatives" with a framework for transcending the politics of racial grievance and austerity in a post-Trump era.
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for the Climate and Struggling Regions programs  
The Niskanen Center approaches pressing problems with policy solutions that are innovative, practical, and relevant to the current moment. The organization pursues a research agenda to identify chokepoints to decarbonization and economic health for struggling communities, designs policy options to overcome them, and methodically and energetically promotes its research and proposals to policymakers and governing elites in Washington, D.C. This grant supports both Niskanen’s Climate and Struggling Regions programs. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy).
for general operating support  
The Niskanen Center works to advance an open society by active engagement in the war of ideas, direct engagement in the policymaking process, and through the courts with amicus briefs and pro bono representation. It develops policy proposals, mobilizes other groups to support those proposals, promotes those ideas to legislative and executive decision makers, builds short- and longer-term coalitions to facilitate joint action, establishes strong working relationships with allied legislative and executive branch actors, and marshals the most convincing arguments and information in support of its agenda. In late 2021 the Niskanen Center launched a new State Capacity Project to investigate and suggest remedies for the declining quality of public administration in the United States in recent decades.

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