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For Western Energy Project's Strategic Communications Campaign

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Fossil energy development has a greater impact on the ecological integrity of public lands than does any other activity. Two years ago, the Department of Interior issued new guidance to public land managers to ensure important fish and wildlife habitat would not be lost to energy development. Ironically, one of the biggest impediments to implementing this new guidance is the public land managers themselves, who are often entrenched in a fossil energy development viewpoint. This grant would support strategic communications and grassroots outreach to educate these federal bureaucrats about the justification and need for these new habitat protections.
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1828 L Street NW, Suite 300 – A, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
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for support of the Communities for Just Schools Fund to fund education organizing  
The Communities for Just Schools Fund is a national donor collaborative that brings together the resources of philanthropy with the power of grassroots organizing to ensure that all schools welcome students and nurture their full potential. This grant will be used to fund education organizing; build the capacity of the fund’s grantee partners; and connect their partners with philanthropy, policy, research, and advocacy communities. (Substrategy: Student & Community Voice)
for Powering a New Economy Fund  

This grant for the Powering a New Economy Fund supports its work to drive the turn toward a new, more inclusive and sustainable economic paradigm. The fund supports state and locally based coalitions and grassroots organizations working to transform the political economy in cities and states.

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