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1828 L Street NW, Suite 300 – A, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
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for the Zero Now Fund  

The Zero Now Fund aims to seed and fund campaigns in cities and states throughout the U.S. to rapidly accelerate transport electrification. This year’s grant supports two campaigns: (a) Secure commitments from cities to fully electrify urban freight by 2030 and (b) advance electric vehicle policies in some states. This grant is a critical element of our strategy to accelerate the share of electric vehicles in the U.S. in order to decarbonize transportation. (Substrategy: Transport Electrification)

for the Bristol Bay United Project  
Bristol Bay United, a project of the New Venture Fund, seeks to broaden opposition to a giant gold and copper mine proposed in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, the world’s most productive salmon fishery. The proposed mine poses a threat to Native American cultural values and the very valuable commercial salmon fishery in the bay. This grant would allow Bristol Bay United to organize Native communities and representatives of the commercial and sport fishery industry in opposition to the mine; assist in their travel to Washington, D.C., educate the Environmental Protection Agency on the need to stop the mine; and publicize widely its potential impacts.
for the conservation leadership project  
Regardless of who wins the presidential election in November, 2012, many new faces will appear in administrative positions in the Department of Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce and Council on Environmental Quality. Those people will have enormous influence over the shape and direction of conservation policy for the next four years. This proposal by the New Venture Fund would support its efforts to identify qualified candidates for 18 of the most influential positions in the four agencies. The work consists of three phases: 1) identify qualified individuals and develop profiles on each, 2) Create media and speaking opportunities for top candidates designed to gain attention for their ideas and qualifications, and; 3) evaluate the outcomes of the effort to determine its effectiveness in recruiting qualified candidates for the 18 identified positions.

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