New Energy Nexus

For Clean Energy Programs In China

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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
Early stage funding and support for clean energy is critical to delivering the technologies, products, and services required to deploy cost-effective and clean energy solutions at scale in any environment. This grant will facilitate $100 million of climate change mitigation funding in and out of China, for early stage ventures.
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436 14th Street, Suite 1220
Oakland, CA 94612
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for climate fintech program  
New Energy Nexus seeks to capitalize on the current momentum toward rebuilding a greener economy post-COVID-19 by leveraging their research and network to build a Global Climate Fintech Accelerator. This will be designed to foster financial technologies that catalyze decarbonization; integrate these innovations into the global financial marketplaces and institutions; facilitate multi-regional stakeholder dialogue; and eventually launch accelerator hubs in China, Europe, and the United States. This grant helps New Energy Nexus take the first steps in this vision, establishing a first regional hub, securing corporate participation, and launching the climate fintech accelerator program. (Substrategy: Climate Finance)

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