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For Support To African Scholars Of The Blended Master's In Data, Economics, And Development Policy

This grant will provide scholarships for African students to participate in a new master’s program designed to reach a large number of developing country learners with online content. Participants earn a "MicroMasters" certificate for passing exams based on online coursework, and a full master’s degree if they also complete a semester in residence at MIT and an internship. The goal is to build African capacity to consume and produce rigorous quantitative evidence.
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for support of the Election Data and Science Lab  
The MIT Election Data and Science Lab advances and disseminates scientific knowledge about the conduct of elections, primarily in the United States but with attention to the rest of the world. By addressing the multiple audiences of academic researchers, the general public, and practitioners, it serves a unique role among individuals and institutions dedicated to improving the conduct of American elections and supports a growing network of election science research centers across the U.S. This supplemental grant will expand capacity to meet the unanticipated demands of the 2020 elections.

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