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For Support Of The Congressional Research Service's Centennial Seminars And New Member Orientation

This project grant to the Library of Congress will support three programs developed and managed by the Library's Congressional Research Service (CRS). The first will be CRS's Centennial Symposium for current and former Members of Congress in July 2014. The second will be hosting a nonpartisan three-day seminar for newly elected Members of Congress in January 2015. The third will be a series of seminars for Members and their staff, held in the spring of 2015, describing how congressional processes have evolved in recent decades, and continue to evolve in the 21st century.
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The Library of Congress is the main research arm of the U.S. Congress and supports Members of Congress and congressional committees across the full range of public policy issues and through all stages of the legislative process.This project grant will support the Library in its work to strengthen Congress, including enhancing and expanding the scope of public policy and legislative issue seminars and services offered to Members of Congress and their staff. The Library’s congressional programs will encourage and foster an open exchange of ideas, build bipartisan relationships, bring together scholars and experts to help inform Congressional debate, and strengthen the capacity of Congress to do its job.

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