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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
Chispa is a Spanish word that translates to "spark." This program within the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund aims to deepen engagement and leadership of Latino communities on electrifying public transportation and other clean energy and climate issues. Latino and other communities of color are among the worst impacted and the least involved in mainstream environmental organizations, but they are also some of the most committed to supporting strong action to curb the pollution that causes climate change. Through community-based organizing and issue campaigns, Chispa achieves local wins, led by Latino families, that create momentum for strong nationwide action on climate change. Chispa’s work also helps mainstream environmental organizations become more inclusive and diverse so they can better represent all communities in the U.S.
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for general operating support  
The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund works to turn environmental values into national, state, and local priorities. The fund strives to build a more powerful, racially diverse, and inclusive environmental movement; advance climate change solutions through policy at all levels of government; expand civic participation and fight back against threats to American democracy and structural barriers to participation; and protect public health and well-being by ensuring access for all to clean water, clean air, and public lands and green spaces. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for general operating support  
This grant supports the priorities of the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund to turn environmental values into national priorities. Key programs include encouraging federal climate leadership, supporting Chispa in their mission to include Latinx and other impacted communities of color in shaping climate policies, and advancing state-level climate policies. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for Latino engagement on climate and clean energy policy  
The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) recently developed a national Latino engagement program. The program seeks to create a "home base" for Latinos engaged with climate and clean energy issues-an effort that will simultaneously diversify and strengthen the environmental movement. With this supplemental grant, in 2014, LCVEF will deepen the program in three states where Latino engagement may provide substantial influence on clean energy and climate policy. The program will identify and engage Latinos on clean air, clean energy, and climate change issues, in order to create an atmosphere in which decision makers at many levels are supported in adopting policies that reduce global warming pollution.

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