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For Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Although the teen birth rate in California has dropped dramatically in recent years, Latino teens are still four times more likely to give birth than white teenagers. Recommended funds would enable the Latino Community Foundation to provide funds to seven to ten Latino-led community organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to replicate effective teen pregnancy prevention programs. The Community Foundation also would provide technical assistance to build the capacity of these direct services organizations and to share information on models that are effective in reducing teen pregnancy among Latinas. During the prior grant period, the Community Foundation provided support that enabled nine organizations to reach an additional 7,880 teens with effective interventions to prevent pregnancy.
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for teen pregnancy prevention  
The Latino Community Foundation (LCF) invests in community organizations that support Latino families. Since 2008, teen pregnancy prevention has been at the forefront of the issues that LCF addresses. Although the teen birth rate in California has decreased dramatically in recent years, the rate among Latina teens remains high. This grant will enable LCF to provide sub-grants to selected teen pregnancy prevention programs operating in the greater Bay Area.
for teen pregnancy prevention  
In 2006, 72 percent of all teen births in California were to Latinas. The Latino Community Foundation works to reverse this trend as part of its broader efforts to improve opportunities for Latino children and their families. Recommended funds would enable this organization to award grants to Latino-led organizations serving the San Francisco Bay Area that provide family planning services to Latino teens and young adults. This support would complement the Hewlett Foundation's existing local grants by reaching smaller organizations than those we typically fund. Using its first Hewlett grant over the past two years, the Latino Community Foundation carried out a rigorous grantee selection process and added value to our funding by providing ongoing technical assistance to the small community-based organizations it supports. Due to a reduced Serving Bay Area Communities budget, this planned two-year renewal grant has been scaled back to one year.

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