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For General Operating Support

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    36 Months
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    General Support/Organization
The Fund for the Republic (FFR) is a national nonpartisan organization seeking to reduce the dominance of well-financed interests over politics and policymaking. The Fund helps to connect and support nonprofits, reformers, and funders working in the money-in-politics field, while also engaging more individual philanthropists to support reform efforts. As a start-up, the Fund has assembled an impressive leadership team and board and has had significant early impact on the field. This grant would help the organization develop a concrete and actionable fundraising plan, build organizational capacity, and begin execution.
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1401 K Street NWSuite 350
Washington, DC 20005
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for general operating support  
Issue One is a national nonpartisan organization seeking to reduce the influence of money in politics by building a reform coalition — now composed of more than 175 former members of Congress from across the political spectrum — to promote policy solutions. To further support this goal, Issue One is investing in the most promising state and local efforts to address money in politics and advance pro-democracy jurisprudence reform. Given the growing demand for accurate, credible information on government ethics and accountability, Issue One is also increasingly contributing to this dialogue from its unique bipartisan perspective. (Strategy: Improving Campaigns and Elections.)
for support of a new publication tracking issues concerning U.S. democracy  
Today, Americans across the country concerned about the future of American democracy have no clear and comprehensive place to turn to for learning about the issues that affect the health of our democracy, what solutions exist, the efforts of leading groups working on these issues every day, and how to become a part of the movement. This grant will support Madison grantee Issue One in creating a new, editorially independent, daily online publication covering the political reform sector. The publication will fill a critical gap by providing a place to plug into efforts to make our democratic republic less tribal, our elections more competitive, our policy-making process more evidence-based and our Congress more effective. The publication will focus on local, state and national stories, and will be journalistic and politically balanced to help create and support a nonpartisan community searching for solutions.

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