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For Support Of The Think Tank Initiative

The Think Tank Initiative provides flexible support to more than forty independent policy research organizations in Latin America, South Asia, and Africa. The Initiative helps participating think tanks develop institutional capacities in research quality, policy engagement, and organizational performance, as well as collaborations with each other. This grant is for a renewed support of the second and final phase of the Think Tank Initiative. A focus during the second phase will be on helping the think tanks strengthen sustainable funding and business models.
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for support of a network of researchers providing rapid response policy analysis  
The International Development Research Centre funds research in low- and middle-income countries to promote growth and reduce poverty. This supplemental grant supports the Rapid & Responsive Evidence Partnership. Eleven low- and middle-income country research centers will respond to inquiries from policymakers within 30 days, helping governments scope problems, find ways to address them, and resolve implementation challenges. These institutions will also work to build bridges between evidence organizations, and experiment with new ways of gathering citizen feedback and feeding it into policy discussions. This work advances our Evidence-Informed Policy strategy’s goal of governments drawing on timely, relevant information to improve decisions. The work includes helping governments determine how to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and manage the recovery.
for capacity and gender equity strengthening at Open Data for Development Francophone West Africa  
The International Development Research Centre (IDRC), through its Open Data for Development program, will support an emerging network of civil society and government champions of open data in Francophone West Africa known as Communauté d’Afrique Francophone des Données Ouvertes (CAFDO). In phase one, a regional hub was established, two regional conferences held, and 52 microgrants for open data innovations piloted in 15 countries. In this next phase, IDRC will continue capacity strengthening for CAFDO, deepen connections with other regional hubs globally, and expand the microgrants program. IDRC will also support CAFDO and its members to better understand barriers and pilot solutions for gender equity in open data.

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