Innovations for Poverty Action

For The Budget Transparency Initiative Project In Uganda

In collaboration with the Ugandan Ministry of Finance, the Ugandan think tank ACODE, and the Overseas Development Institute, Innovations for Poverty Action is launching the Budget Transparency Initiative. At the national level, the Initiative will make location-specific budget allocation and expenditure data publicly available. At the local level, the Initiative will support local councilors and community group leaders to monitor government spending and to provide feedback on the quality of public services. The project is designed to strengthen the responsiveness and accountability of local government officials to citizens and ultimately to improve the quality of local public services like education and health care.
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Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) conducts randomized evaluations of development interventions, testing whether programs and policies achieve the target impact. It shares the evidence it creates with development practitioners, policymakers, and donors, seeking to influence decision makers to spend public resources more effectively. During this grant period, IPA will increase its policy footprint, including (a) developing coordinated sector-based global research agendas; (b) increasing the number of policy staff; and (c) strengthening long-term partnerships with governments.

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