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The Evaluation Roundtable is a network of foundation leaders in evaluation that aims to improve how foundations learn about their grantmaking so that they can improve their results and to push continued evolution in the field of evaluation. The Roundtable serves senior foundation staff members who want peer-to-peer learning opportunities to push their thinking on evaluation, hone their professional judgment and help them to navigate the broad range of challenges they face as organizational leaders. In parallel with this grant, the Hewlett Foundation will serve as the foundation host of the Roundtable’s 2016 biannual convening and support development of a teaching case on the evolution of the Foundation’s evaluation function.
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1660 L Street Northwest, Suite 450, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
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for Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy  
The Center for Evaluation Innovation’s Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy is a collaborative of social sector professionals who embrace the tradition of freedom dreaming in service to racial justice and collective liberation. The collaborative is supporting freedom dreaming in philanthropy by inviting a practice of freedom dreaming through written pieces and collaborations with artists; providing guidance and methodological tools for personal and cultural transformation in service of freedom dreaming; and creating spaces where institutional philanthropy can dream collectively and organize for action. This grant will provide support for Freedom Dreams in Philanthropy and is a collaborative grant from the Knowledge for Better Philanthropy strategy and the Racial Justice Initiative.

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