For The Implementation Of A Civil Society Assessment Of Student Learning In East Africa

This grant to Hivos would provide continued support to Uwezo, a nationwide, citizen-led assessment of student learning in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Uwezo is the largest annual assessment of children’s learning in Africa; in 2012 alone Uwezo tested nearly 350,000 children in about 11,000 communities. The results have sparked national, regional, and global debates about the magnitude of the learning crisis for schoolchildren. This renewal grant would support the ongoing efforts to collect, analyze, and communicate the results of the nationwide learning assessment to stimulate citizen action and oversight in education and policy reform.
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for supporting citizen-led assessments worldwide  
This grant will allow Hivos to support the People’s Action for Learning Network, a peer learning network that supports organizations that are implementing citizen-led assessments of learning in 13 countries. The network will support its members to improve their work, better understand and share learning about its impacts, and ensure that the data generated contributes to monitoring progress of the education Sustainable Development Goals at the country and global level.
for support of Twaweza  
Twaweza, a program sponsored by Hivos, is an ambitious effort in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to enable citizens to exercise agency, to promote greater openness and responsiveness by governments, and to improve basic learning for children. Twaweza’s main areas of work include (1) gathering data that gives voice to citizens, most notably through Uwezo, a citizen-led assessment of children’s learning; (2) gathering and generating evidence of what works in the domains of basic education and open government; and (3) using data and evidence to engage the public and policymakers for change. Twaweza has a strong commitment to sharing what it learns about citizen engagement with the broader field of transparency, participation and accountability.

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