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For Support Of The Program On Law And Political Economy At Harvard Law School

The program is designed to complement national efforts to develop a discipline of law and political economy by creating a community of legal scholars and students at Harvard who seek to make political economy an integral part of legal theory and education, and on training students and entry-level academics to think about how law shapes the distribution of power as it structures social relations in economy and society. The program will also develop a framework for cross-disciplinary interactions with other scholars seeking to center political economy in the social sciences and history, and to serve as a roundtable for concrete programmatic efforts at the law school aimed at transformation of areas critical to American law and political economy, such as labor law, racial capitalism, monetary policy, mass incarceration, or voting rights.SPECIAL PROJECTSReported Grants
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for support of the Shorenstein Center’s Technology and Social Change research  
The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School is dedicated to exploring the intersection of press, politics, and public policy. Given the rise of misinformation, the center has created the Technology and Social Change research project to rapidly build the field of critical internet studies across academia, working with policymakers, industry, and newsrooms. This grant will in part support the expansion of a shared digital research infrastructure.
for support of a new university center on economy and society  
Harvard University will use this grant to create a new center that will foster research and curriculum development, as well as work with other university centers being established to cultivate a network that will develop new thinking around political economy, economy, and society.
for the Cyber Project at the Belfer Center  
This grant to the Belfer Center at Harvard Kennedy School will provide ongoing support to its Cyber Project, which focuses its research, education, and convening around the central premise that "Cybersecurity is National Security." The Cyber Project aims to address domestic and international cybersecurity and emerging technology policy questions, while also providing recommendations and actionable policy frameworks to varied audiences. This grant will also support the Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P), which generates programming, recommendations, and publications to support stakeholders who are vital to democracy, throughout the 2020 election cycle.

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