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For Endowment Support Of A Fellowship At The Radcliffe Institute For Advanced Study

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Office for Sponsored Programs 1033 Massachusetts Avenue, 5th Floor, Cambridge, MA, 02138, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for the Cyber Project at the Belfer Center  
This grant to the Belfer Center at Harvard Kennedy School will provide ongoing support to its Cyber Project, which focuses its research, education, and convening around the central premise that "Cybersecurity is National Security." The Cyber Project aims to address domestic and international cybersecurity and emerging technology policy questions, while also providing recommendations and actionable policy frameworks to varied audiences. This grant will also support the Defending Digital Democracy Project (D3P), which generates programming, recommendations, and publications to support stakeholders who are vital to democracy, throughout the 2020 election cycle.
for support of The Coal Impact Project  
Harvard University is the fiscal sponsor of the Science Policy Exchange, a collaboration among various academic institutions and researchers who use scientific analysis to inform policy debates. Through this grant, the Science Policy Exchange would manage a research project to quantify the health, environmental, and economic benefits of a new Environmental Protection Agency regulation to limit global warming pollution from existing power plants in the United States. The project includes a communications component to ensure that the results reach priority audiences in key states. Communicating scientifically proven benefits of the new rule will help educate governors, state regulators, and other key state decision makers and build support for a stronger and more effective national standard.
for principal investigators of the GoodWork Project to discuss their findings and next steps  
In 1994-95, psychologists Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, William Damon, and Howard Gardner spent a year discussing their common research interests and exploring new avenues of research. By the end of their residency, they decided to join forces on an ambitious line of study, which became known as the GoodWork Project. They identified the question at the heart of the Project: How do individuals continue to perform work of high quality, at a time when things are changing very quickly, our sense of space and time is being radically altered by technology, market forces are very powerful, and the forces that have traditionally tempered markets are weak? The trio engaged in the study of work in nine different professional spheres: science (genetics), art (theater), pre-collegiate education, higher education, law, medicine, journalism, business, and philanthropy. Now completing its 15th year, the Project has accomplished considerable research, issued numerous publications, and launched several promising practical initiatives. Its websites attract visitors from all over the world, and they receive inquiries on a daily basis from all over the world. However, such achievements are far-flung and fractured. This grant would support a two-week residency to synthesize what has been learned, pull it together in readily accessible form, and consider which lines of work might be carried out going forward.

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