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For A Project To Study The Effects Of Transparency Interventions On The Quality Of Health Services

This grant to Harvard University would advance a multi-donor effort to determine how transparency and accountability interventions can improve the quality of health services for the poor and, ultimately, health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries. The two-phase, five-year study would begin by partnering with civil society organizations in Africa and South Asia to design an intervention with a high probability of improving service delivery in community-level health facilities. The first phase of research involves evaluating the intervention effects on health care quality and outcomes, and on community power relations in two countries. The second phase seeks to determine if the intervention can be replicated. Harvard also plans extensive and targeted dissemination of findings and lessons to groups working to improve health, accountability, and citizen participation. Together with our peer funders, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the U.K. government’s Department for International Development, we believe that this collaborative research effort will contribute to the field and help build the body of evidence for applying transparency and accountability approaches to service delivery work.
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for support of and learning from a community of practice focused on system transformation  
The Deeper Learning Dozen is a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The project supports a community of practice with 12 superintendents and their team members, all of whom are committed to making the changes necessary so that all young people and adults equitably experience deeper learning. The work will result in an understanding of how to create changes in systems, policies, practices, roles, beliefs, and assumptions. This grant will expand how the project shares its learnings, including through a book that reflects on past school reform approaches in contrast with some of the project’s work. (Substrategy: District Deep Dives and Networks)
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The Lab for Democracy Renovation sits within Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. Members of the lab research and develop governance innovations needed to achieve healthy democracy in the 21st century — for massively scaled up, complex, digitally powered societies with significant social heterogeneity. The lab also investigates strategies for bringing those governance innovations into existence. This grant supports the general operations of the lab and its four focus work areas: governance of emerging technology, political economy for power-sharing liberalism, aspirational federalism, and the reimagining of American democracy.
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