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A videoconferencing grant to GuideStar would support the purchase and installation of videoconferencing systems in three conference rooms at each of the organization’s major offices in Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, and San Francisco. The equipment will support increased collaboration among teams in each office by allowing them to share presentations and documents during the eight to ten program-related meetings conducted each month, as well as during three all-staff meetings held each quarter.
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4801 Courthouse Street, Suite 220
Williamsburg, VA 23188-2678
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GuideStar serves as a hub of information about U.S. nonprofits, collecting information from multiple sources (primarily IRS Form 990 tax returns filed by nonprofits) and distributing it through multiple channels. GuideStar’s new strategic plan includes an array of innovations and pilot projects to develop new lines of work that could increase impact and diversify revenue streams. This is critical as 990 data will soon be freely distributed in digital form, which will impact GuideStar’s current revenue model. GuideStar was an anchor grantee of the Philanthropy Program’s Nonprofit Marketplace Initiative. We announced in March 2014 that we would be responsibly winding down that Initiative. This is the final grant in that process.

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