For Action For Fundamental Change And Development To Build A School In Kampala

Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) seeks to inspire, empower, and improve the lives of young people in Bwaise, one of the largest informal settlements in Kampala. AFFCAD runs several youth-focused programs in education, health, and economic empowerment. The core activities include teaching technical, vocational, and life skills; raising awareness on sexual and reproductive health; and supporting vulnerable groups, notably people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. This grant will enable AFFCAD to complete a school building project as part of an effort to improve the quality of formal education for the youth of Bwaise.
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for the Feedback Labs project  
Hosted by GlobalGiving, Feedback Labs is a collaboration among nine non-governmental organizations active in international development and philanthropy. The Feedback Labs partners seek to shorten the feedback loops between beneficiary populations, donors, and implementers to improve the way nonprofits, social enterprises, aid agencies, and private funders operate. This seed funding would help staff the collaborative effort, support the rapid prototyping and testing of new feedback approaches, and fund the dissemination of the most scalable models and tools for gathering and enabling better citizen feedback.
for projects to support international women’s organizations in the developing world  
GlobalGiving (Washington, DC) connects donors around the world with small development projects across the Global South. In honor of Eleanor Gimon's upcoming retirement after 32 years of service, the Hewlett Foundation is providing a grant to the GlobalGiving Foundation, representing an allocation of $1,000 per employee for 114 employees and board members (plus an administrative fee of 15%). These funds will be allocated across a series of projects in international women’s organizations in health, empowerment, and reproductive rights in the developing world. The grant amount will be allocated based on employee votes to the projects.
for a project to develop a global unique identifier system for nonprofits  
GlobalGiving is leading an effort to create a unique identifier system for nonprofits around the world. GuideStar USA is launching such a system in the US. This grant will help GlobalGiving as they coordinate among GuideStar, Foundation Center, TechSoup Global, and others, to determine the best shared strategy to build a global counterpart to GuideStar's domestic system.

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