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For An Initiative To Promote Reform Of The E.U.'s Common Agricultural Policy

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for a project to continue GMF's efforts to promote more effective U.S. development policies  
This project, which will also have financial support from the Swedish government, focuses on two key objectives: (1) modernizing American foreign aid budgeting, policy planning, and operations to support recipient country ownership of development strategies; and (2) ensuring that our policymakers make difficult decisions on priorities for U.S. development assistance—especially in this period of shrinking budgets—based on global best practices, including the experience of European donors. To achieve these objectives, the German Marshall Fund (GMF) will establish an Aid Effectiveness Experts Group, launch a new congressional education effort, and prepare policy briefs aimed at high-level policymaker audiences. These efforts will in turn strengthen GMF’s leadership within the Hewlett-supported Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network, of which GMF Senior Fellow Jim Kolbe is a co-chair. German Marshall Fund of the United States
for support of the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative  
This grant will support the Digital Innovation and Democracy Initiative at the German Marshall Fund in its efforts to diagnose the vulnerabilities of the U.S. information ecosystem and share with relevant stakeholders research into causes of and solutions to the spread of disinformation. The program accomplishes this wider goal by building a network of expert scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to engage in an evidence-based discussion of solutions, addressing the root causes of disinformation as well as mechanisms for maintaining free expression, privacy, security, and innovation. This interdisciplinary community, fluent in the best thinking from academia, policy, and the private sector, will not only participate in convenings and produce research but will also develop frameworks and materials to translate the research for the public, the press, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

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