For Support Of Strategic Planning For FairVote’s Electoral Reform Efforts

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for general operating support  
FairVote is the nation’s leading national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization focused on electoral reforms designed to give voters more voice, greater choice, and fairer representation. It uses its unique networks, analysis, strategic insight, and research as a catalyst for change at the local, state, and federal level. A sparkplug for several popular reforms, FairVote is the leading proponent of ranked choice voting (RCV). Maine’s adoption of RCV for state and congressional elections has drawn national interest to RCV as a means to enhance other reforms and encourage more collaborative governance and civil elections. A three-year grant will allow FairVote to expands its partnerships to advance RCV, provide allies with better tools to debate and implement RCV, drive the conversation for how RCV can improve democracy for all voters, and strengthen FairVote’s organizational capacity.
for general operating support  
FairVote is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that uses its unique networks, analysis, strategic insight and body of research to act as a catalyst for electoral reform and voting rights at the federal, state, and local level. FairVote is widely regarded as the leading advocate for adoption of instant-runoff voting, proportional representation, and the national popular vote, among other reforms. FairVote has also focused on how electoral innovation can improve the quality of representation by, for example, increasing the number of women and minorities in the legislature. This supplemental general operating support grant would strengthen FairVote’s organizational capacity to carry out its existing work.

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