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For Asian Industry Decarbonization

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This grant is to support the acceleration of global steel decarbonization, with a focus on China and key Asian countries. This project of the European Climate Foundation will help address insufficient near-term political will to motivate the steel industry to peak prior to 2030 (and see emissions decline rapidly post-peak); prevent carbon leakage from Asian countries’ overseas investments in unabated coal-fired steel projects; lower the risk of technology and capital lock-in of existing coal-fired steel fleets’ interim emissions reduction; ensure the availability of transparent, good-quality steel plant/material/product-level emissions data; and hedge against potential long-term risk of technology containment and geopolitical isolation. (Substrategy: Global Industry)
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Riviervismarkt 5 2513 AM, The Hague, Netherlands
Grants to this Grantee
for strategic communications in Africa  
This grant to the European Climate Foundation will help to inform and strengthen the public discourse on climate change through supporting greater visibility of African voices on climate in individual Sub-Saharan and North African nations and at the international level; helping to project Sub-Saharan and North African leadership, influence, and power on climate action, solutions, and impact; and bringing frontline communities and their experiences to the center of the stories and narratives told about climate and Africa. (Substrategy: Climate Communications)
for Climate Voices and accelerating climate action through evidence-based strategic communications  
This grant will support the European Climate Foundation’s international strategic communications work, in an effort to promote informed and factual public discourse on the impacts of climate change and possible mitigation and solutions. Working with a wide range of partners, it plans to develop and disseminate messages to build support for clean air and clean energy. (Substrategy: Climate Communications)
for promoting collaboration between China and Africa on resilient renewable energy value chains  
This grant supports ECF in building processes to foster a more constructive dialogue and engagement between China and Sub-Saharan African countries that have strong ties with China. It will focus on building stakeholder networks and improve policy alignments in targeted African countries, and seek to better leverage existing regional and international collaborations - particularly that with China - through investment, trade and diplomacy for a resilient and sustainable renewable energy supply chain. (Substrategy: China National Policy).

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