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The Energy Foundation is a long-time grantee that plays a central role in promoting clean energy and climate goals in the United States and China. They seek to ensure a clean energy future by investing in ways to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy. The Energy Foundation manages a portfolio of grants across a variety of sectors and geographic regions, including power, transportation, energy efficiency, buildings, climate, renewable energy and, in China, urban design. Its work focuses on reducing public health and environmental damage associated with energy production and use, while mitigating the threat of global climate change. U.S. Goals In 2012, the Energy Foundation will focus on building long-term support to ensure that clean energy and climate action are in the mainstream. To do so, it will diversify its portfolio in each sector to expand allies and engage conservatives to increase support in hard-to-reach regions. Its top priorities include: • Energy efficiency: working in fifteen to twenty states to increase private utility investments and build out industrial energy efficiency work in the Southeast, Texas, and Midwest. • Coal: stopping the construction of new coal-fired power plants and accelerate the retirement of existing plants. • Climate: implementing policies in California and the Northeast; defend the EPA; defend climate science, and engage conservatives on climate issues. • Transportation: finishing the job on U.S. car standards and accelerate Northeast work on a clean fuel standard. China Goals There has been recent mounting public discussion and government attention on severe air pollution, particularly from the energy sector. In 2012, the Energy Foundation in China will focus on reducing the impacts of coal use and reducing global warming and air pollution from non-coal sources. Specifically, the Energy Foundation will focus on: • Controlling total energy use, particularly coal consumption.• Increasing supply and demand sides of energy efficiency. • Accelerating deployment of alternative energy resources, particularly renewables. • Leveraging China’s public health priority to make coal use cleaner and more costly.In addition, the China Sustainable Cities Initiative will continue its work with funding provided through the special initiative described on page nine of this docket.
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This grant supports the Energy Foundation’s work to achieve greenhouse gas emissions neutrality, world-class air quality standards, energy access, and green growth in China. (Substrategy: Philanthropic Capacity)
for the China Sustainable Cities Initiative  
A project of the Energy Foundation, the China Sustainable Cities Initiative has as its goal to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution in new and existing Chinese cities by improving urban planning and urban transportation. It conducts pilot projects to spark the design and adoption of effective national policy while building technical capacity to implement its policies locally. Renewed funding for the sixth year of this Initiative should produce these results: In urban planning: The pilot project areas of Chenggong in Kunming and Yuelai in Chongqing begin construction of development projects that follow low-carbon eco-city planning principles. Also, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Development adopts a national guideline for nonmotorized transportation systems planning and design.In urban transportation: The Ministry of Transportation adopts its 12th Five-Year Plan for public transit and identifies national pilot cities under its Transit Metropolis program. All pilot cities will be required to finish development of local regulations and action plans to promote public transit.

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