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For Support Of El Colegio De Mexico's PRECESAM Program

With this grant, El Colegio de México would extend its long-standing research and analysis of rural poverty and welfare in Mexico, the most detailed available. This work is done in collaboration with the University of California, Davis, and is used broadly by researchers, policymakers, and nongovernmental advocates in the United States, Mexico, and beyond, including international financial institutions. Perhaps most importantly, project data have become a key input for the Mexican government in designing rural development policy, including agricultural and antipoverty subsidies-a focus for our T/A work in Mexico.
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Camino al Ajusco, No. 20 Col Pedregal de Santa Teresa, Mexico City, D.F. 10740, Mexico
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for support of El Colegio de México's PRECESAM program  
The Colegio de México, a Mexican public university, hosts the Program for the Study of Economic Change and Sustainability of Mexican Agriculture, a research center designed to better understand the economics of small-scale agriculture and the well-being of rural Mexican households. In collaboration with the University of California, Davis, the Colegio has worked for several years to develop three rounds of a nationally representative rural household survey, measuring income and overall poverty indicators in Mexico’s most marginalized communities. Combined with the use of public information on Mexican agriculture and public transfers to rural areas, this grant will contribute to the development of new econometric models to understand the effects of different shocks on rural households in Mexico, especially those factors most directly affecting whether families move into or out of poverty.

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