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228 Park Avenue South PMB 32482, New York, NY, 10003, United States
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for support of the Bold v. Old conference  
The economic governing concept of neoliberalism — unfettered markets, stifled democracy, and the bootstraps myth — is on its way out. The big question is what will replace it: a worldview embracing a multiracial democracy and economy that works for everyone or a racist, sexist, antidemocratic system that fails us all. In order to make sense of this time of fractious, divided government, the Economic Security Project will reconvene the Bold v. Old gathering, last held in 2019, with the aim of solidifying consensus around what worked and what levers exist to expand opportunities for big structural changes to the economy.
for support of Invest in America  
As the country emerges from the pandemic and in the aftermath of major spending bills (i.e., the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law), deficit hawks have signaled they will begin pushing for spending cuts and deficit reduction. The need to ward off the return of austerity economics is critical; the country faces urgent challenges that demand bold federal action and investment. Invest in America will seek to respond to this challenge by educating the public about the importance of robust public investment.
for support of the development and expansion of Next River  
The nonprofit Economic Security Project will support the development and expansion of Next River, a project it fiscally sponsors. Part culture change lab, part think tank, and part ecosystem incubator, Next River is an institute for practicing the future. Through research, culture and narrative change, and experimentation, Next River moves conversations, culture, and resources to nourish and elevate the people and communities whose ways of being, doing, and relating can help us build a just, liberated, joyful future.

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