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For Support Of Administrative Data Work In Africa

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for support of Open Heroines, a feminist community of women in the governance spaces  
This grant to Development Gateway is to support Open Heroines (OH), an online global community of hundreds of women who work in open government, open data, and/or civic technology (known as open+sectors). OH will hire a community coordinator to manage the network, facilitate skill-share sessions, and organize local events. It will also hire a program manager to create a support group for women to share their stories, bring to the fore common issues and challenges, and become ambassadors to advocate for healthy work environments for women to work and thrive in the open+sectors. Through products like blogs, social media, and guides, OH seeks to elevate feminist views in thought leadership and policy development in the open+sectors. (Substrategy: Governance Channels)
for a program to expand subnational use of open contracting data and analytics tools  
Development Gateway promotes transparency and citizen participation in public resource management through the use of technology and capacity building. In each partner country, Development Gateway works closely with governments to build and use technology tools for open publication of data on government transactions, including contracting, procurement, and public service provision. Development Gateway also builds the capacity of civil society and watchdog groups to access and use this data for monitoring and oversight. This grant will enable Development Gateway to work with two county governments in Kenya to enhance public disclosure of contracting and procurement data, and promote use of this data by civil society and watchdog groups for monitoring and oversight.

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