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The Defending Democracy Together Institute seeks to develop and publish the best new thinking and journalism on politics, policy, and culture from a center-right perspective. The Institute’s goal is to nurture and promote ideas that are consistent with basic American principles of freedom and self-government and to publicize them among a center-right audience. To accomplish this goal, the Institute publishes the online magazine The Bulwark, which combines original journalism in the form of written commentary, daily newsletters, podcasts, and videos, along with handpicked aggregated content from around the internet. The Bulwark is a unique, nonpartisan voice in the field of political ideas and journalism.
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1100 Vermont Avenue NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC, 20005, United States
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for support of the Democracy Innovation Fund  
The Democracy Innovation Fund is a fiscally sponsored project of the Defending Democracy Together Institute and seeds new center-right, pro-democracy charitable organizations and projects to meet the demand for moderate solutions to America’s problems while pushing back against anti-democratic forces in our politics. The fund will resource, incubate, and accelerate emerging center-right, pro-democracy organizations that are engaging in charitable and educational activities. The groups supported by the fund will serve as the foundation for a cross-partisan, pro-democracy coalition that will meaningfully impact the long-term political health of the country.
for the Pillars of the Community project  
This grant supports the Pillars of the Community project, a fiscally sponsored project of the Defending Democracy Together Institute, which will bolster local and state election officials in key counties and states in defending the electoral process. It will do so by responding to groundless claims that undermine public confidence in the electoral process, exposing attempts to harass or intimidate election officials, and challenging proposals that would subject election officials to inappropriate partisan political controls.
for the Lyceum Labs  
Lyceum Labs is a charitable project whose mission is to improve the quality of political leadership and party politics in the United States through nonpartisan research, analysis, and educational efforts. Its goals include producing more responsible and principled political leaders who warrant and earn the public’s trust, and helping create a more pluralistic and pragmatic party system better suited for our diverse democracy. This grant is for Defending Democracy Together Institute to support its fiscally sponsored project, Lyceum Labs.

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