Council for a Strong America

For Exploring The Feasibility Of Engaging Law Enforcement Leaders And Crime Survivors As Advocates For Reforms To California's K-12 System That Are Proven To Reduce Crime And Violence

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for general operating support  
Council for a Strong America is a national nonprofit umbrella for five membership organizations composed of leaders from the business, military, law enforcement, and other sectors promoting evidenced-based solutions to public policy issues. It engages leaders to advance policies and programs that enable kids to be healthy, well educated, successful, and prepared for productive lives.
for strengthening state policy and local implementation of California’s school accountability system  
The Council for a Strong America is a nonprofit organization that unites police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and survivors of violence around solutions that divert young people from crime. With Hewlett Foundation support, the council will make the case for maintaining and strengthening California’s school accountability system by highlighting local success stories as well as the need for continuing funding increases. It will use strategic communications, research, and policymaker education to achieve these goals.
for mobilizing business and community leaders to advocate for deeper learning  
Council for a Strong America is an umbrella for five membership organizations composed of leaders from the business, military, and other sectors working on public policy issues. The council will continue outreach to provide policymakers and the public with information about the gap between the skills students currently attain in school and those they will need for postsecondary, civic, and employment success. The council’s work, led by its ReadyNation business leaders initiative, draws attention to the need for updated definitions of college- and career-readiness, aligned testing, and better accountability systems, all of which foster systemic reform and strengthen educators’ ability to teach deeper learning skills.

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