Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo, Asociación Civil

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CIDAC is widely considered one of the most influential independent research centers in Latin America. The Center’s researchers have been engaged in several critical economic and political debates in the past two decades, and its recommendations have changed not only public policy, but in some notable cases, the terms of debate. As a result of a review in strategy, CIDAC redefined its principal program areas to better respond to current challenges in Mexico, among them transparency, accountability, rule of law, and economic growth. Although this recommendation is for institutional support, CIDAC plans to invest a substantial portion of Hewlett GOS funding in its transparency and accountability program as it maps out institutional design flaws and bodies of regulations that inhibit law enforcement and greater accountability along the budget delivery chain. CIDAC research and advocacy builds upon the work done by IMCO and Global Integrity in Mexico (also on this docket).
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James Balmes No. 11, Edif. D. Piso 2 Los Morales Polanco, Mexico City, 11510, Mexico
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for general operating support  
The Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo is a nonpartisan think tank working to inform Mexico’s public debate with policy analysis and evidence to improve governance, economic development, and rule of law. This general operating support grant will help the organization revise its lines of work to ensure its substantive focus addresses relevant issues in Mexico.

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