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The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC) brings together more than 500 businesses and nonprofits from across the country, together with U.S. veterans, former Cabinet officials, members of Congress, and every living secretary of state to build strong support for robust and effective U.S. investments in development and diplomacy. This grant will support USGLC in continuing its work at the federal and state level to educate community leaders and members of Congress on the positive impact that U.S. international affairs programs have on a local, state, and national level.
for general operating support  
This grant to the Center for U.S. Global Leadership would support the organization’s continued efforts to build strong, bipartisan support for effective U.S. investments in development and diplomacy. Over the next two years, the Center will focus on four goals: 1) protecting development assistance resources and advancing an aid effectiveness agenda; 2) bolstering support for smart, sustained investments in development and diplomacy among business leaders, military voices, NGOs and faith-based communities; 3) educating congressional and presidential candidates to be "policy ready" on global development and diplomacy; and 4) amplifying the successes of development assistance.

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