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For Development Of Policy Recommendations To Increase U.S. Leadership On Women's Global Health

This grant supports a project to advance bipartisan U.S. support under the next Administration and Congress for women’s global health as an essential component of U.S. global health policy, building on the investments already made, including in family planning and reproductive health. The project seeks to ensure that the new Administration and Congress continue the momentum, implement commitments, and prioritize key recommendations in the area of women’s global health, regardless of the outcome of the November elections. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) will convene a Gender Working Group to develop a fair and balanced review of the Obama Administration's accomplishments in women's global health and outstanding challenges, and produce actionable recommendations for the incoming Administration and Congress. The project will also develop short videos featuring African women and girls participating in U.S.-funded health programs to illustrate the impact of U.S. policies on women's global health.
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for creating a climate-positive space for the U.S. and China to advance global net-zero transition  
This grant is to support the Center for Strategic and International Studies to rebuild the architecture for U.S.-China cooperation on transnational issues, particularly among non-state actors. It aims to reframe narratives around U.S.-China cooperation on shared global challenges, including health care, food security, and climate mitigation and adaptation. (Substrategy: China National Policy).
for the Energy Security and Climate Change Program  
This grant supports the Energy Security and Climate Change Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The program provides important leadership on energy security and climate change by consistently providing high-quality public education events, sharing strategic energy insights, and advancing policy solutions through research, reports, and education of policymakers. The center serves an important role, with a global audience. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)
for a project to explore the United States’ approach to technical cooperation agreements  
This grant would support the Center for Strategic and International Studies' research and analysis on nuclear cooperation agreements and nuclear fuel cycle decisions. It would focus on two areas: renewal of the US-Korea nuclear cooperation agreement that must be completed by 2012 and developing a broader strategy for the United States government on upcoming discussions with states on their fuel cycles. In the next five years, approximately 13 U.S. nuclear cooperation agreements will need to be renegotiated and another four new agreements are currently under negotiation. CSIS' project on nuclear cooperation agreements will encourage U.S. officials to consider the wider ramifications of endorsement of pyroprocessing in the Korea 123 agreement, directly or indirectly, and facilitate coordination of policy across the government on these agreements.

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