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For A Project To Explore The United States' Approach To Its Nuclear Technical Cooperation Agreement With Korea

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The United States and South Korea must renegotiate their nuclear cooperation agreement by 2012, and it is likely to serve as a model for similar agreements with other nations in the future. This is especially important because approximately thirteen nuclear cooperation agreements between the United States and other nations will need to be renegotiated in the next five years. South Korea would like the ability to reprocess its spent fuel, a process that makes weapons creation easier, but is likely to be seen as setting a precedent for other nations. In addition, U.S. agencies have different approaches to the agreement and are not coordinating their efforts. This grant would allow the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Korea Chair to bring together senior experts, scholars, policymakers, and opinion makers to address new developments, challenges, and opportunities that may arise during the negotiations and thereby develop a coordinated approach.
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