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For A Project To Engage Japan And South Korea Publics In A Discussion Of US Nuclear Weapons Policies

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Pacific Forum CSIS (Honolulu, HI) is a one-of-a-kind American think tank, respected in Asia for understanding and listening to Asian concerns and in Washington for its careful representation to Asians of the nuances of U.S. policy positions and decisions. A grant to Pacific Forum would support a creative project to bring U.S. experts on nuclear, Korea, and Japan policies to Korea and Japan and to conduct a week-long series of publicized town hall forums on the U.S. relationship with its allies and the changing nature of security relationships in North Asia. This effort would simultaneously (1) educate Washington policymakers about the nature of the dialogues in Japan and South Korea surrounding acquiring nuclear weapons; (2) reassure the publics of Japan and South Korea that the U.S. will protect them and that acquiring nuclear weapons of their own would only reduce their own security; and (3) ensure that policymakers in Japan and South Korea know how to respond to the concerns of their own publics. Pacific Forum will incorporate a range of qualitative and quantitiave evaluation methods into its project plans to help assess whether the project reaches its goals. (New, $180,000/1; 90% of project budget)
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