Center for Large Landscape Conservation

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    12 Months
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PO Box 1587, Bozeman, MT, 59771, United States
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for synthesizing and leveraging Belt and Road Initiative reports  
This grant will help the Center for Large Landscape Conservation promote opportunities and develop strategies for improving climate and biodiversity safeguards in the Global South in Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) countries. BRI is a Chinese government led strategy that focuses on deploying investment, finance and trade in emerging economies, mostly concentrated in Africa, Southeast and Central Asia, and Latin America). (Substrategy: China National Policy)
for general operating support  
The nonprofit Center for Large Landscape Conservation works with partners to inform federal and state efforts to advance the policy and practice of wildlife corridor conservation. The center works to protect, maintain, and restore ecological connectivity for wildlife in the face of a changing climate. This also includes developing innovative designs for wildlife highway-crossing structures. The center provides research and technical support for connectivity conservation efforts across public (federal and state), private, and tribal lands throughout the Western U.S. (Substrategy: Advance Conservation Protections)

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