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For Exploring A YouthTruth Initiative In The Bay Area

YouthTruth is a student feedback survey program based out of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. It was borne out of a conversation between the Center for Effective Philanthropy and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation back in 2008. The foundation was seeking to hear from different voices — and one that was missing was the voice of the people whose lives they were trying to affect: the students themselves! Since then, YouthTruth has exceeded its founding expectations in its service to schools and districts, surveying over half a million students across more than 200 districts in 36 states. With this grant, YouthTruth will explore a Bay Area initiative to bring together schools and funders to learn from students.
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for a pilot of the strategy landscape tool for education funders  
The Center for Effective Philanthropy is one of the most important grantees in the Philanthropy Program portfolio. From firsthand experience, we know the power of their flagship assessment tools, the Grantee Perception Report and the Staff Perception Report, that have helped the Hewlett Foundation improve its own practice. The Center has worked with more than 200 foundations, including most of the largest grantmakers in the U.S. In addition to offering foundation staff and trustees systematic feedback to improve their performance, the Center has used the data, including surveys of more than 30,000 grantees, to help foundations understand the characteristics of effective philanthropy. In the last three years, they have also created tools to help assess and improve foundations’ strategic orientation and grants management practices.
for bridge funding to support national student surveys conducted by YouthTruth  
The Center requests bridge funding to support YouthTruth—a national project to gather U.S. high school students’ feedback about their educational experience—as it transitions to an earned revenue strategy. By the end of the grant period, YouthTruth will have engaged more than 160,000 students from 320 schools through its core survey.
for monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts  
The Center for Effective Philanthropy is a leading philanthropic infrastructure organization focused on developing data and insight for funders so they can better define, assess, and improve their effectiveness and thus their intended impact. The center’s work includes original research, knowledge sharing, and advisory services. Knowledge sharing includes research publications, webinars, articles, presentations to funders, and a biennial conference. More than 200 U.S. foundations, including many of the largest, have used the center’s suite of flagship assessment tools, which includes the Grantee, Staff, and Donor Perception Reports. This grant provides support for monitoring, evaluation and learning efforts.

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