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In July 2012, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings launched the Learning Metrics Task Force to shift global attention to learning by better measurement tools and data. With this grant, the Center for Universal Education would complete the technical work on global learning indicators and support a group of fifteen champion countries to adopt them. In addition, a new program, based on a model developed in Australia called "My School", would develop and test approaches to publicizing information about how much funding schools receive and how well they are performing in terms of children’s learning.
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In media through the decline of mainstream journalism, in politics through the decline of political parties, and in civic life through the decline of associations like civic groups and unions, the country has disempowered intermediaries and gatekeepers. The result, however, has been more chaos and less accountability in government and society. What’s the case for re-intermediating? How can institutions such as parties and mainstream media, and norms such as compromise and objectivity, be strengthened? Jonathan Rauch has been building the case for beleaguered institutions and middlemen in a populist age. This grant will help support his fellowship at the Brookings Institution.

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