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In July 2012, the Center for Universal Education at Brookings launched the Learning Metrics Task Force to shift global attention to learning by better measurement tools and data. With this grant, the Center for Universal Education would complete the technical work on global learning indicators and support a group of fifteen champion countries to adopt them. In addition, a new program, based on a model developed in Australia called "My School", would develop and test approaches to publicizing information about how much funding schools receive and how well they are performing in terms of children’s learning.
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for support of Lawfare's congressional coverage  
Lawfare is a blog dedicated to a nonideological debate about hard national security choices. Lawfare has cultivated a wide and technically savvy audience and effectively expanded their collective interest in areas beyond traditional security issues. Through this grant, Brookings will hire a fellow-level scholar to elevate Lawfare’s level of discourse on Congress. With expanded capacity and in coordination with existing in-house expertise on congressional process and procedure, Lawfare will consider the responsibilities, failures, and priorities of Congress through this nonpartisan forum. Such coverage will incorporate a deep understanding of congressional policymaking and a normative view of what the institution is and should be.

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