For The Global Economy And Development Program

The Global Economy and Development program at the Brookings Institution undertakes research and dialogue activities to shape the policy debate on how to manage globalization and fight global poverty. This grant would support the program’s work in three areas: 1) aid and development policy, with a focus on informing the Post-2015 global development goals; 2) African economic growth and development, with a focus on regions experiencing a continued and rapid growth trajectory; and 3) inclusive growth for development, with a focus on the role of global institutions.
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for cybersecurity studies  
A grant to the Brookings Institution will support various aspects of its cyber policy work, especially the work of senior fellows at Lawfare. Lawfare’s analysis of pressing cybersecurity issues informs the public, policymakers, and public servants, and helps to develop and expand the cybersecurity policy field. This grant supports our Core Institutions and Translation Infrastructure substrategies.

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